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here's a ”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yuf2nvDWCJY”>breadfish
idk i don't have much to say

i'm quite a simple person
i just like captain crunch
and one direction
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we don’t talk about this nearly enough

I just started crying while watching the tour diary where Louis teleports onto the couch because I was overcome with nostalgia.

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I was just watching the acoustic version of One Thing and I couldn’t help but think about how amazing this all is. The boys in that video and the boys in the You & I video, and we’ve just spent the last four years growing up with them. I mean I’ve come to associate days and extended time periods with the boys hair cuts or clothing and it’s just so strange to be a part of something like that you know? And I think I really needed that to be honest. Recently the fandoms become more outrageous and things regarding the personal lives of the boys have gotten so out of hand from the media perspective and no one really knows what is and what isn’t, but that just stripped back video of five boys singing with no extravagance or over the top displays showed me why we’re here and why we’re going to stay throughout the years. I mean I’ve already dedicated three years of my life to this band, why stop now?

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literally all harry does in la is get tattoos and pretend to be a local

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i love watching louis sing he just gets so animated and into the performance as he just dances around in his head and it’s absolutely mesmerizing

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Anonymous revealed: I've been off Tumblr for a while, did 1d win the x factor in the end?


this is the weirdest message ive ever received 

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